An animated television film adaptation titled Fate/Grand Order: First Order aired on December 31, 2016. Fate/Grand Order is an online free-to-play role-playing game based on the Fate/stay night visual novel game and franchise by Type-Moon. The game is centered around turn-based combat where the player, who takes on the role of a “Master”, summons and commands powerful familiars known as “Servants” in battle against their enemies. The story narrative is presented in a visual novel format, and each Servant has their own personal scenario which the player explores. It was first released on July 29, 2015 on Android, with a subsequent release on August 12 on iOS.


In 2015, the final era where sorcery still exists, the Chaldea Security Organization, its numerous projects having guaranteed humanity’s existence through to the next century, discovers that the future they have observed no longer exists, and calculates that humanity will now go extinct in 2016. It traces the cause of this event to an anomaly that has appeared in 2004 in Fuyuki City. To avert the extinction of mankind, Chaldea decides to use its sixth experiment, time travel, converting its agents into spirit particles and sending them through time to destroy the space-time anomalies that will cause humanity’s extinction. The name of this mission: “Grand Order”, the name for those who would rise up against human history for the sake of humans, and fight fate itself.

The main story is also divided in chapters which are: Fuyuki, Orleans, Septem, Okeanos, London, E Pluribus Unum, Camelot, Babylonia, and Solomon. In January 1, 2017, a sequel to the main storyline is announced with the same title and a subtitle named “Epic of Remnant”.






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